Friday, October 15, 2010

Surprising Meditation Experiences

Meditation serves as a foundation for changes. It prepares the mind for new experiences, because it removes negative thinking and other impurities.

Meditation has many benefits but there are some meditation experiences that are not widely known. Some of them are unusual, some exciting, some even scary. I think it is fair for you to know a different side of meditation which is not often discussed.

I can straight away say that despite strange meditation experiences it is worth practising meditation. Benefits outweigh the temporary discomfort to a high degree.

Different meditation experiences

When you start meditating you see only benefits. You notice that you become much more peaceful only after a couple of meditation practices. You become less reactive to negative incidents and your positivity rises to a high degree.

This is the stage that is exciting but most people fail to pass to the next stage because they fall back to their old habits and start taking shortcuts in meditation – they shorten meditation time, do not concentrate on their breathing or mantra and fail to allocate less noisy times for meditation.

Those that continue meditation (after two weeks or so) get to the next stage. They enter deeper meditation and start experiencing fourth dimension. This happens because they finally establish deeper connection with the source and the source shows itself through the person.

You start getting meaningful dreams that show you how you are doing on your path and what changes you need to make. Dreams can also show the glimpse of the future and different warnings.

You become much better at manifesting if your regularly meditate. Because your negative emotions, thinking and beliefs are gradually disappearing, your manifestations reach you faster and you get more synchronicities along the way.

Your eating habits change. You are likely to become vegetarian, then vegan, then go raw, if you continue meditating. Meat is out of the question for serious meditators because you start perceiving the meat of animals to be the same as the meat of humans.

You understand life better, you understand what pain animals feel and you certainly would not want to hurt some animal. It just feels so cruel when I see someone eating meat. By eating meat people are polluting their bodies with negative energy that comes from the animal that was slaughtered.

When you keep meditating, a specific energy starts concentrating in your root chakra (at the base of the spine). This energy is called Kundalini. The energy starts moving up until it reaches the crown chakra. This happens over a very long time. When it goes through your crown chakra (your head) you may become enlightened. Something to look forward to!

However, if Kundalini energy starts moving up too fast, you may experience very extreme discomfort that even lead some people to insanity. So it’s important not to mix meditation with other psychic experiments or anything of that nature. I will explain what to do if you awaken this energy too fast at the bottom of this article.

When you get into the deep meditation, it is easy to reach non-physical beings. If you want to communicate with your spirit guides (tried), your angels (did not try) or enlightened human beings that once lived on earth, you can do that. Of course, that comes with practice and willingness to establish such connection.

You get involuntary body movements. When your nervous system is being cleansed, you will get various contractions and spasms in different parts of your body.

That is all normal and do not get scared if that happens. I have experienced very slight movements of my fingers mostly, but I know some people experience severe movements of the whole body. It just depends how much junk you need to get out of your body.

Most people start meditation without knowing what their actual experiences will be like. They usually start meditating because they know that they can become more peaceful and less negative. But they often do not research meditation experiences fully, therefore they get scared when something unusual happens to them.

If you only meditate for the peace of mind and positivity, you cannot go far in meditation. Of course, elimination of negativity is taking place all the time during meditation, but the more you meditate, the deeper into meditation you get.

You cannot avoid experiencing fourth dimension and other meditation experiences if you keep meditating. It would be the same as driving to another city and expecting to see the views of your old city. It does not work this way.

However, if you feel that you move faster than you should, you can cut on meditation time and do spinal breathing before meditation as long as you feel that you are not ready to experience more. You can also do some grounding activities like watching movies, going for a walk or eating heavy food. Such activities will not let you progress faster than you can handle.

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