Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arundhati Roy has accepted Pakistan citezenship

Indian author Arundhati Roy has accepted Pakistan citezenship, reports Spooftimes.com Arundhati Roy has thanked Pakistan government and feels that she has been truely honored.

As a part of the deal Ms. Arundhati Roy will convert her religion to that of Pakistan state relligion and will marry Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan official's chief guest, reports Press Association of Pakistan.

Arundhati Roy will become Osama Bin Laden's 71st wife, one less than the promised number of wife he would get if he continue to live in Pakistan.

"I feel that I am more close to Him now, I have one more to go before I hit the magical number of 72 wives. I am sure Arundhati Roy will make a good wife, I have already decided her to call firely lady," says Osama Bin Laden.

Arundhati Roy says she really liked Osama Bin Laden and thinks that he could really become a global model for men all over the world. "He is such a charmy man, his beard makes me feel orgasmic and I just can not control my feeling whenever I see him on Television. Meeting him in real life would be dream come true for me."

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